Illegal Alien Who Managed To Vote FIVE Times In 2016 Elections: ‘President Trump Destroyed My… He Has To Be…’

We just got a confirmation that America’s immigration system is extremely broken.

An illegal alien from Mexico named Rosa Ortega, came in America and somehow managed to vote five times in our elections. Absolutely incredible but true.

Ortega managed to vote in the territory of Texas and 5-distinct cities in a illegal way and in five different places.

Her reasons are completely unknown for doing this. As indicated by sources, her permit (which she is not allowed to have since she is illegally in the US) had a “non-citizen” marker box verified, but somehow she was still permitted to vote in each of the five urban areas.

Once the story went viral, everyone put the blame to Ortega and she was sentenced to 8 years in jail. Be that as it may, her lawyer regretted that her sentence was “cruel” and when  her sentence is finished, deportation awaits her.

This story made everyone think about all the illegal aliens that managed to get away with similar acts. The system is unbelievably defective. This is a great opportunity to make it better.

This 25-second video cut on Fox News clearly shows that America’s borders are very vulnerable and that President Trump is right about every single thing he said, especially about his plans to build the wall and repair our immigration system.

There were roughly 11.1 million illegal outsiders in the U.S. in 2014, representing 3.5% of the country’s populace. If only 10% of those people manage to vote, you’d have a little more than 1-million illicit ballots cast inside a presidential election. Donald Trump is the only one who can fix this mess.

All credits for the video goes to youtube channel “jameshoft.”


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  1. It may not be illegal in Mexico to vote more than once in the same election and in different districts, but it is here! Can’t help but wonder how much the demonrats paid her to vote like that. They should be jailed, too.

  2. she had help & was paid to do what she did, there were bus’s taking people TO DIFFERENT STATES

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