Actor Ron Perlman: ‘Donald Trump Is A Racist C… He Is A Puppet Controlled By…’

Hollywood star Ron Perlman criticized President Donald Trump recently on social media, but clearly he didn’t expect that his comments will backfire.

The actor was especially pissed at President Trump for calling Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” last year.

“What’s a 10-letter phrase for racist c*nt!” Perlman posted on Twitter, alongside a video of Congressional declaration Trump conveyed in 1993 about gambling clubs on Indian reservations.


Perlman didn’t determine to whom he was alluding when he utilized the expression, “racist c*nt.” “Donald Trump” has 11 letters.

Obviously, some of Perlman’s followers quickly saw that his name is comprised of 10 letters.

“ronperlman,” one follower answered to the actor’s tweet. And other people did the same.

“Ron, using such a derogatory and hurtful word toward women is beneath you,” a disappointed follower replied on the post.

Recently, he also criticized the GOP’s push to pass a tax change bill.

“When the GOP gets behind a bill, make no mistake, that bill was written not by them but by their donors. You wanna make a bunch of rich muthaf*ckas who just want MORE get richer, get behind this crazy ass tax bill,” he posted.

Perlman also mentioned that Donald Trump is a puppet controlled by the rich people and is working only for their interests.

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