Actress Diane Lane: ‘Our President Trump And His Wife Are Just Trying To Make This Country A…’

Hollywood plays an important role when it comes to president Donald Trump and the United States.

For the majority of our nation, it’s important what kind of opinion will celebrities offer.

That’s the way the Democrats are trying to make Donald Trump look like an enemy.

They’re offering money, deals and more fame for the celebrities just to talk and protest against our leader to make him look like a complete enemy to the United States.

The younger generation of celebrities, is constantly assaulting our president and his family, but still the older generation of Hollywood knows what’s right, and lately they’re offering some common sense.

Few days ago, actress Diane Lane, 51 during an interview for her latest movie praised Donald Trump, his work and even his entire family:

“We are living in a wrong time, I just can’t understand what’s going on,” she began.

“A man that is working with all his efforts in favour of his country is being harshly criticized. I will openly say, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE MR. PRESIDENT!”

“We have to respect his family also. Melania Trump is also investing lots of efforts for this nation, we must help them in improving this country. Only the people of America can boost their confidence,” she finished.

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