Actress Susan Sarandon: ‘We Got Lucky With Trump, Hillary Would Have Thrown Us In A… She Is Very…’

Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon claims she’s been the objective of huge criticism for her decision of candidate amid a year ago’s presidential race. In spite of the fact that the 71-year-old, who inclines left on many issues, selected Green Party competitor Jill Stein over Hillary Clinton, it has been liberals as opposed to conservatives calling her out.

“I’m not attacked from the right at all,” Sarandon announced to the Guardian.

Rather, as per the report, “she is blamed for not checking her white benefit, of throwing away her vote on a third-party candidate during the U.S. presidential decision, and of rashly upholding a political reason that let Trump in through the secondary passage.”

About Hillary Clinton, Sarandon stated:

“I did think she was very, very dangerous. We would still be fracking, we would be at war. It wouldn’t be much smoother. Look what happened under Obama that we didn’t notice.”

“Clinton would’ve done it the way Obama did it, which was sneakily,” Sarandon included.

“Obama deported more people than have been deported now. How he got the Nobel Peace Prize I don’t know. I think it was very important to have a black family in the White House and I think some of the stuff he did was good. He tried really hard about health care. But he didn’t go all the way because of Big Pharma.”

Sarandon, in the blink of an eye before the race, had as well called the Democratic National Committee “completely corrupt.”

It seems that not everyone is against Trump. There are experienced older individuals that actually know what is the right thing for our country. Do you support this lady? Please SHARE this article with your friends!



  1. Trump is best president we have ever had !From Washington to Trump ! Trump is a workaholic and puts in very long hours ! He loves America And it’s people ! Now let’s do our part and help him all we can ! This man will get alot done for the betterment of U s a !

  2. Trump is really trying to get this Country on the road to prosperity, hes just so bogged down in all the former Administrations corruption, that has to be dealt with ,you can let it go ,thats the highest office in the land ,they must pay ,The DOJ ,FBI ,DNC ,All of the Obama’s CORRUPTION.

  3. She’s right, you know. Just imagine this mother of all crooks Killery as a very incompetent President in the White House. The Oval Office would have been already a den of hoods with criminals from all places calling in daily. The visitors’ list could include Mueller, Comey, ISIS leader el Baghdadi, Pelosi, and Soros!

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