Arnold Schwarzenegger: ‘We Have To Be Against Any Trump’s Decision, It Doesn’t Matter If…’

Recently in a meeting with the Los Angeles Times, Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger who supported impeachment articles against President Donald Trump, stated that “Trump derangement syndrome” was so solid that he would be compelled to restrict Mother’s Day only because Trump endorsed it.

Schwarzenegger stated, “Then we have a Trump derangement syndrome where — thank God he didn’t put out a message on Mother’s Day because there would have been pressure on me to come out against Mother’s Day.”

He included, “If Trump takes a position, then you must take an equally extreme and opposite position. He’s for Mother’s Day — you must be against Mother’s Day. He’s for a wall — you have to be for unlimited immigration from all places.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger supported articles of impeachment against Trump in July this year. He stated that Trump is responsible for:

“Obstruction of justice, as defined by the criminal law of the United States, in two respects. Most simply, he threatened Comey, in order to get Comey to curtail the investigation of Flynn. That’s obstruction of justice, and it lines up perfectly with the code section and with the cases that have defined it. Secondly, he fired Comey, and then said that his reason, or that the effect, was to curtail or thwart the investigation to the general Russia matter. And of course, in the last couple of days, we’ve learned how important that Russia matter was.”

Schwarzenegger also stated that it’s irrelevant if Trump influenced the investigation because “Ineffective obstruction of justice is a crime. If you threaten an FBI officer and say, you better not go forward or I’m going to do this or that, and the FBI officer just laughs it off, that’s still obstruction of justice.”

Schwarzenegger added that Trump “said you’d like to keep your job, and I’m telling you, that I want you to drop this investigation.”

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  1. Just who in the HELL do you think you are your not even a citizen of the US so how about you keep you fat mouth shut and you have no right telling the President to stop the investigation about the FBI you Jackass no wonder your wife Kenndy got rid of you

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